Have you ever bought a silver necklace and your neck began to turn red or start developing a rash? That is because the silver that you are wearing contains other alloys that are reacting to your skin. Sterling silver contains 92.5% silver where the remaining 7.5% can be a combination of other metals like copper or nickel or aluminum. These other metals give sterling silver more strength but also lower the value of your jewelry. Sterling silver skin reactions force consumers to either spend more money to buy gold or platinum jewelry which can cost up to ten times the cost of a silver necklace. Pure 999 silver does not contain any other metals such that it is hypo-allergenic and has not been found to cause any skin irritations.

It is a common reality that pure 999 silver is a softer metal and cannot be made into jewelry. That is now not an issue anymore. With the latest technology, special machines have been designed such they are able to mold and cure pure silver into fine jewelry pieces and also maintain its form. They are also now able to make many different complicated designs that you cannot even find in gold necklaces.

Pure 999 fine silver does not tarnish as easily as 925 sterling silver. The reason for this is the fact that the other metals are reacting to water or oxygen at normal temperatures and begin to show tarnish at a much faster rate. I am not a chemist but we have left a sterling silver chain and a pure 999 silver chain in a jewelry rack and the 925 silver chain began to show tarnish much sooner.

Pure 999 fine silver also holds its value much better than sterling silver. It is more of an investment than just a jewelry costume piece. You can easily take your pure.999 silver jewelry to a pawn shop or fine metals trader and they would give you much more than what you would get from a similar 925 silver necklace. The cost of the 999 silver is not much more than sterling silver if you look for the right retailer. Also keep in mind that there is real and fake silver. Fine silver pieces must be stamped with a quality engraving. The silver that you buy at big box stores you will find that they do not have the engraving and are considered silver jewelry pieces and could contain other alloys and have little market value.

We have also found that pure 999 fine silver jewelry shines much brighter than sterling silver to almost a metallic white than a silver colour. We have found that it is comparable to even gold and platinum. It is very difficult to see using photos but once you put the necklaces side by side and with the naked eye you can immediately tell the difference.

Due to the small difference in pricing from sterling silver, there is no reason that you should purchase pure 999 fine silver jewelry from now on. It is still much cheaper than gold but shines and looks even better. It doesn’t tarnish as fast and is hypo-allergenic. From our research, only a few trusted retailers in North America sell pure silver necklaces.

Source by Eddie Wang